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David Trafton - Kettle Moraine

David Trafton, Kettle Moraine

David’s coach stated:  “David is the embodiment of a student athlete and high school football player. He is a coach’s dream. A Classic 8 All Conference player, David also studied film like a coach, assisted with our social media, and helped design helmets, decals, and uniforms. He also stayed to help with middle school lifting and read to elementary kids.” 

David’s comments: “High school football has shaped me into the man I have become today through the structure, relationships, and lessons that I learned during my time on and off the field as part of my team. I have grown to love my coaches alongside my teammates and formed relationships that will last a lifetime, that go far beyond football. It has taught me to lead others and push them to their full potential. I have become a confident public speaker because of football. I have learned empathy for others, as I understand the pain of losing and falling short. I have also learned the accomplishing feeling of success because in football you work so hard and so long with so few opportunities that every loss hurts that much more and wins are that much sweeter.”