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Jebediah Frey - Waunakee HS LB

Jebediah Frey - Waunakee HS

Jebediah Frey - Waunakee HS

National Football Foundation Award

Jeb has been very active at Waunakee HS serving on the Football Leadership Council, Athletic Department Leadership Council, High School Student Council, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leadership Council, Ironman Weightlifting Club, and several community service projects.

Administrator: Jeb has had an exemplary academic record to go with his numerous contributions on leadership councils in our school. His leadership is grounded in caring for others, a passion for doing the right thing, respect for opponents,  and a deep sense of integrity. He has worked diligently to make all of the teams and school organizations he is associated with be the best they can be. It is not often that students possess the time management skills to successfully balance academic demands, co curricular activities, and service based activities. Jeb’s ability to strike this balance speaks highly of his maturity, intrinsic motivation, and character.

Coach: Jeb has been very intelligent, perceptive, and a fine athlete and leader. He has been a captain, All Conference Defensive Player of the Year, All Region, and 1st Team All State. He is a 4 year member of the Ironman Weight Club and a charter member of our Leadership Council. Because of his many achievements and the manner in which he carries himself, Jeb is a fine role model for younger students in our community.

Jeb: My football journey taught me that life will hit you with adversity. Life doesn’t always give us what we want, so we must take whatever is thrown at us and learn how to deal with it. We have to dust ourselves off, get up, and fight back. The lessons that I took away from my experience playing this great sport is what I value the most. Football has transformed me into the man that I am today. I began the sport as a child that had a dream of doing something great, and I left it as a man who worked for what he wanted  and did not wait for his aspirations to land on his lap. Through that transformation, football has given me a work ethic, a drive, and a passion that I can utilize in all walks of life going forward.

Jeb plans to go to UW-Madison and study Business/Finance